About us

The Happy Little Loaf was born in Santa Barbara, CA from a collaboration between Michael Levin and Jacopo Giacopuzzi.

The 2020 pandemic induced many of us to explore new recipes and changes in our daily lifestyle.

For Jacopo things turned around when his roommates gifted him an Ooni pizza oven for his birthday and for Michael it was his spring trip to Europe.

While Jacopo started exploring hundreds of pizza and dough recipes inspired by his italian roots, Michael`s awe for the european baked goods craft and freshness led him to think how to reproduce the same feeling on a daily basis here in the US, where life is busy and we need a convenient solution.

Michael began experimenting with european recipes but soon realized that by the time he was able to share the baked breads with his friends, they were already getting old and stale.  So he started trading dough with Jacopo ciabatta dough for pizza dough.

Their friends soon became interested in these doughs and they realized that by making them available to others they could provide the experience of homemade fresh artisanal bread to others.

So The Happy Little Loaf was born, an experience to rival a trip to a european bakery.