Refrigerate the dough until use. If you are not planning to consume the dough within 4-5 days then freeze.

What you need:
1. One Pizza Dough, let rest at room temperature before using.
2. Flour.
3. Toppings.
4. Something to bake on: a pizza stone, a 1/2 thick 14"x16" thick steel slab, a baking sheet, a cast iron skillet, a wood fired pizza oven or an Ooni, Roccbox or similar pizza ovens.

1. Pick up the pizza dough gently from the container trying to maintain the round shape and WITHOUT re-working it. If sticky gently detach the sides from the container.
2. Place the dough on a clean flat surface such as a marble stone, counter top, cutting board or a table.
3. Dust the dough with a little flour and start spreading from the center with your fingertips until it reaches an approximate 12" size.
4. Add your favorite toppings. For more tips and specific pizza recipes (CLIK HERE for cacio e pepe) follow our blog or check out our recommendation on how to best use the kit HERE.
5. Transfer to oven on your favorite settings and enjoy!